Harbour Users

Lochboisdale Harbour is the perfect place to start your Hebridean adventure.  The more sheltered east coast is ideal for leisurely cruising and wildlife spotting in the Minch, and for a wilder experience the open west coast is easily accessible for trips as far afield as the world-famous St Kilda.

Lochboisdale lies to the southern end of the Western Isles and as such is dominated by the gulf stream and associated weather patterns. Generally, the prevailing wind direction is south westerly so the Harbour provides an excellent sheltered berth.  The gulf stream ensures temperatures are never extreme which is particularly beneficial for winter storage as common issues arising from sub-zero temperatures and subsequent freezing damage are reduced.  The land is generally low lying to the west and south of the Harbour, and there is a large mountain range to the north that runs up the east coast of Uist which forms a natural shelter around the Harbour and protects it from the northerly winter gales.