Notice to Mariners


Least Depths in Lochboisdale Harbour

NtM 001-2021

Mariners are warned that the recent survey in October 2020 revealed the following least depths within the breakwaters of Lochboisdale & Gasay Harbour, more details are shown on the attached survey diagram.

Eastern Breakwater

A shoal, comprising compacted stone with least depths of 3.9 metres below chart datum, extends 55 metres from the eastern breakwater wall along a line running south south westwards from the traffic light signal. In effect this gives a least depth of 3.9 metres below chart datum to vessels approaching or departing the Fish Pier. If necessary, owing to
insufficient height of tide or draught, this shoal may be avoided by navigating as close as is safe and practicable in the prevailing weather conditions to the northern pontoon. A depth of 5 metres below chart datum is available all along the Fish Pier.

Between the Pontoons

A least depth of 2.8 metres below chart datum exists midway along a line joining the ends of the two main pontoons.

Dome-shaped rock

A spot least depth of 1.5 metres is presented by a dome-shaped rock located 12.5 metres south south west from the end of the southern pontoon. Mariners are not to access the berths on the south side of the southernmost ponton without permission from the Harbourmaster. Those vessels permitted by the Harbourmaster to use these berths may avoid this rock by erring their navigation as close as is safe and practicable in the prevailing weather conditions to the southern pontoon.

NB. This notice will remain in force until further notice. All previous versions of this NtM are now withdrawn.

Donald A Currie
Harbour Master Lochboisdale harbour.
Tel 07586 787 678

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